Al-Alim Medicinal Herb Center is a multi-disciplinary company, for farming, herbal raw material production, herb trade and education on herb use.

Farming operations began in Zippori, Lower Galillee (Israel) in 1985, with just one herb: Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium). Many other herbs were added later on to the production.

In 1998, the farm from Zippori added a new area of activity, and formed Al Alim – Medicinal Herb Center. The Center’s activities include (in addition to organic production of fresh and dried herbs) importation and distribution of botanical extracts, packaging, private label of nutritional supplements, consultancies, and organization of seminars and workshops on the subject of medicinal plants' use.

The company holds the MOH (ministry of Health) Manufacturer's License, Importer's License, Bio-Organic Manufacturer Certificate, ISO 2001, HACCP and GMP for nutritional supplements.

Al Alim provides its clients over 1000 different products supported by professionalism and dignity. Although catering primarily the domestic market, we are open to requests and demand from abroad.

Herbalists and students of alternative medicine visit the center for herbal walks and lectures. Al Alim is also offering field research services and consultancies outside of Israel, on herb production and herbal products.

Please direct your questions on

Purchasing and ordering, to alalim@al-alim.co.il

Private-label and commerce, to gadi@al-alim.co.il

Projects and export, to peretz@al-alim.co.il

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